About Tire Closet

The business started with a simple question from a colleague who moved to Pittsburgh from Houston, Texas: “Is there a company in Pittsburgh that stores seasonal tires?” Her summer tires were taking up a significant footprint on her patio and she wanted to use that space to enjoy morning cups of coffee and to entertain. On top of that, the tires blocked the beautiful views from inside her apartment! She knew she didn’t want to commit to renting an entire storage unit, because there was nothing else she needed to store. In desperation, she reached out to me for help.

First let me start by saying, my passion is Materials Management. So much so, I have devoted my entire career (25 years and counting) to it. Living right outside of Pittsburgh, I understand you are most likely paying a premium in rent or mortgage for very little space. If you are lucky enough to have a garage, you may have a foot remaining between your car and the end of the garage. If you don’t have a garage and, (like my friend), you don’t want to add the expense of an entire storage unit to your monthly bills, then you are essentially stuck with finding a spot year-in and year-out to store your seasonal tires.

If the story above strikes a chord with you, Tire Closet was launched with you in mind! Not only do we store your seasonal tires, but we also deliver and pick up your alternative seasonal tires to your tire shop or mechanic. No throwing dirty tires in the back of your trunk and back seats, no tripping over tires lying around your garage or apartment. It’s all taken care of by Tire Closet. Start today and get your space back!