Never touch your tires again.

Seasonal Tire Storage & Valet Service

How It Works

Schedule Your Pick Up

Make an appointment at your service center and let us know when we can pick up your tires by filling out this form.

Inspect, Clean & Store

We'll pick up your tires, clean them, replace any missing valve stem covers, and store them in our secure facility.

Delivery & Swap

We'll deliver your tires in time for your appointment and be ready to swap your tires out and store them until you're ready.

Why Tire Closet?

Extend the life of your tires

By swapping your snow tires for standard tires in the spring and doing the opposite in the fall, you will greatly increase the life of your tires. Not to mention the increased safety of having proper tires for inclement winter weather.

Free up space in your home

Tires are bulky and take up tons of space. Having four of them sitting in your garage or basement means more clutter. By storing your tires, you free up that valuable space for your new work bench or paddle boat storage.

No Hassle Delivery

Tire Closet exists to help you free up time and space. That’s why we take care of everything. When you are ready to swap your tires, simply fill out the request form and your tires will be ready for you at your mechanic or tire shop. We will pick up the tires you need stored automatically and keep them safe and secure until you are ready for a swap.

Keep Your Tires Safe

Not only do we store your tires in a secure facility, we clean and preserve them to ensure they stay in the best condition for next season.

Our Authorized Partners

Even though we work with any mechanic or tire shop in the Greater Pittsburgh area, our authorized partners have specifically teamed up with us to give you the best tire experience. Become a Tire Closet Partner.


Storage & Valet Service

Tire Closet
$ 35 Monthly
  • Pick Up Included
  • Includes 4 Tires & Wheels
  • Secure Storage
  • No Hassel Swap
  • Inspect & Clean
  • Peace of Mind

The Tire Closet Guarantee

Satisfaction Guarantee
We promise to care for your tires and return them to you in as good as or better shape than we received them.
If not, we will replace them.


Only $35 per month.

No, you can discontinue the service at any time.

Once we receive your order, we will send you an invoice that you can pay via Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, PayPal, or by check.

If your shop is in the greater Pittsburgh area, we will work with them!

No advance notice needed. Just fill out the pick up request form before or during your appointment and we will coordinate with the tire shop to secure your tires.

We require 1-2 business days notice for tire delivery.

We take great care to inspect, clean and secure your tires. In the unlikely event that they are lost or damaged, we will replace them.

Our standard delivery swap windows are October 1 – November 30 and April 1 – May 31.

No, we only store and deliver tires and don’t compete with the professionals who meet your tire sales and service needs.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us at (412) 589-9773 or email us at